Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Losing and Gaining Kids

1st week back at school and there are lots of changes. Monday, I gained a new student which is fine EXCEPT that I was told about it 4 minutes before school as I am walking down the hall with the girl right there. One of my old girls hasn't shown up this week so I got concerned and asked the office who then told me she moved to a private school. That poor girl, that is her 3rd school this YEAR!

Talking with people on my team we have determined that having so many kids boppin around has to be some form of child abuse. It makes me so sad, sometimes school is the only place that has stability and their parents even seem to mess that up.

Oh AND, as I was entering LC I was buzzed over the speakers to call the office where I was told I am getting another new student tomorrow, a boy. Do you know how worried I am that he will be a handful? SERIOUSLY, my "trouble makers" are not bad at all just CHATTY, I dont know if I could handle a true behavior issue in my class. My dear friend across the hall gained a new student who threw off the 'calm' balance, but she is FAR stronger than I am.

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