Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Death to Post-its

So I found a NOT so awesome post-it message written from one of my favorite girls to a boy who told people she likes him (which she doesn't)! It was FUNNY/SCARY all in one blue sticky package... the best part was on the 2nd post-it she wrote "don't tell teacher"! are you kidding me? haha

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can You Make Me Laugh

So we started playing this morning meeing activity called "Can you make me laugh" you pair 2 students up in the middle of the circle and 1 has to stay quiet and the other has 30seconds to make that person laugh. After a couple of rounds I stand up and place myself in the circle and call a student to make me laugh... the first 2 fail, they lack real dedication, I am THAT good. The third student comes in and already I feel his commitment he starts talking a mile a minute saying anything and everything that pops in his head. I am keeping my cool. Then out of the blue he stops, looks right at me, claps once and says "Laugh". I couldn't help it, he is amazing at facial expressions and that sent me over the edge.

5th Grader gets CAUGHT!

Today in word study a student giggles then tells me that 'B's'notebook is stuck to her"! I look back in confusion and SURE enough the rings of her spiral notebook were caught on her shirt. Not on the bottom of her sure either it was caught right behind her armpit. hahahahaha I assisted OF COURSE I am a caring teacher, but as soon as a set her free I ran to my writer's notebook and wrote it down. Ahh these are the moments that make the stress melt away!