Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Molecules will forever make me happy

I LOVE having great ideas. Partly because I dont feel like I have had many so far this year. I hated science and now it's one of the main subjects in my grade for SOLs. Yesterday, I was trying to have my kids understand how the molecules in solids, liquids and gases affect how sound travels through them. They were not getting it, I inferred this from their glazed over expressions.

THEN GENIUS STIKES! "Everyone STAND up and huddle together!"

Then I bumped them and they all shifted. I asked if they all felt it they agreed because they were packed so close together(like SOLID MOLECULES). "Ok, take 1 step back/sideways" I did my bump again. This time only some kids felt it, when I asked why they said "because we weren't as close"(like LIQUID MOLECULES). Finally I told them to take 2 steps away, and I bumped a student, but only they felt it. I then asked, if it would take a long time and a lot more force for all of them to feel that bump? "Yes because we are so far apart" (like GAS MOLECULES!)

HOORAY! wait it gets BETTER, I know hold on to your seats...

Then they had to explain how a kid who had his ear to a train track could warn his friends not to go if they couldn't see or feel it. THEN my lil "J" who struggles raises his hand and says, I KID YOU NOT, "He had his ear on the train track and that is a solid and sound travels faster through solids"... I ALMOST CRIED/FELL DOWN, instead in a SUPER EXCITED tone I said "YES! PERFECT!" It was a GREAT moment

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