Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kids are SOOO FUNNY!

Okay, so my class is starting to brainstorm and plan to write their own memoir this week. Today after they had been making their plans, one of my favorite girls was all excited to show me how much she got done.

She is going to write about a cruise she went on with her mom. She points to "pina colada" and next to it it says (version). She said "Don't worry it was a 'version' one". I could NOT put it together for a second then I realized she meant "VIRGIN" pina colada. HAHAHA I giggled at first to her and she said "what? that's what my mom called it". SHE IS SO CUTE and no I did not tell her what the real word is. I want her to write it in her memoir so she can laught about it when she rereads it when she is over 21. =)

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