Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What teachers do for fun!

My dear friend across the hall, we'll call her DJ because of her SWEET tunes afterschool has cracked me up this week. Yesterday she is in the middle of a lesson, class in a circle but she is facing the door. I stand in my doorway and proceed to start mouthing nonsense to her "Why aren't you my friend? I'm not talking to you". she tells me later that I completely distracted her and was not paying attention to a student who was talking and had to have them repeat themself more than once. HAHA

Today she repaid my amusement, thankfully someone else was leading Math, however half of my class was not paying attention to the teacher talking but me mouthing messages across the room through my door window. Poor woman said to my class "come on guys, you are too quiet" she didn't even know they weren't paying attention. SERIOUSLY, I am no better than them, I'm such a great role model hahahaha


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